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Math is not Hard

Ever since Barbie famously uttered the phrase “Math is hard”, well, it’s been all downhill for addition and multiplication, to say nothing of the ratios or derivation. Today, even respected politicians ( ha! ) and intellectuals seem to be down on math, and that’s too bad.

To rectify this situation, we are happy to provide these “Math is not Hard” pills. Through the miracle of the placebo effect, and possibly some math tutoring from someone versed in the art of symbolic manipulation, math no longer needs to seem as difficult.

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Clowns! Clowns!

Some people in this world like to dress up in floppy shoes and poorly fitting clothes, wearing flowers which squirt you when you try to smell them, and covering their faces with paint and garish smiles. These people are clowns. Some people don’t like them, and it’s for this second group which we developed this product. Actual sufferers of coulrophobia, an irrational or exaggerated fear of clowns, likely won’t get a lot of benefit out of these placebos. However, if you’ve got a regular old somewhat rational fear of clowns — like, say, Bozo the Clown tried to run you over when you were 9, or at least you seem to remember something like that happening, although it may have been a dream because you got away from Bozo by flying and eventually ended up in math class naked — then these “Clowns! Clowns!” placebos may be perfect for you, since they’ll help you convince your reticent subconscious that you’re doing something about all the evil clowns in the world.