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Inner Peace

Often, finding the joy in ordinary life requires a life of contemplation and meditation as well as a desire to learn from and accept the limitations of others.

But, not if you get these, Inner Peace Pills, which may enable you to achieve the happiness and serenity of the Dali Lama by simply taking them each day as directed. And, if they don’t work, well, you can take out your frustrations on the idiots who sold you these placebos and said they’d work wonders even though, since they’re a placebo, they should have no measurable effect one way or the other whatsoever.

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Get Things Done

Dave Allen has produced a fabulous set of books about techniques, tips, and ways to change your life and habits in order to more quickly Get-Things-Done. They’ve worked for a lot of people, but they do require effort, and because of that his techniques and ideas aren’t for everyone.  I’d say more, but I’ve never gotten around to reading his book.

For the rest of us, try our Get-Things-Done placebos. They probably don’t actually work, but they might, and they’re really inexpensive and taste great too! Each bottle contains a 30 day supply of “Get-Things-Done” placebos, although if you don’t actually think to take them every day (and, let’s face it, that’s a strong possibility) they’ll last longer. If it’s late December and you’re looking to do something to change your life come January 1st, we recommend you get the 90 day supply.

For Women


Admittedly, this is somewhat of a niche product, but if your name is Brittney, Paris, or Lindsey, odds are you have a hard time remembering to put on underwear before a night out on the town. Sure, you could hire an assistant whose sole job was to say “Hey — you got knickers on?” before you head out for an evening of drinking, dancing, and regular-people-snubbing. But, why spend all that money when instead you can spend $995 ( yes, that’s almost a grand, but you’re either a rich socialite or a rich musician/movie star, or you wouldn’t need have this problem in the first place ) and maybe help solve this problem.

Odds are this product won’t actually help. We know of no medical reason that a placebo would aid in remembering to don appropriate groin coverings, but the mind is a wonderful thing and the placebo effect is quite underestimated.