Bigger Boobs

Bigger Boobs

It's sad that these days many women seem to be judged by the size of their breasts.  We at Placebo Labs are firmly in the camp that women, and indeed all people, should be judged by the content of their character and their past and future actions.  We're practically a younger, less-good-in-the-writing-skills Gloria Stienem.

But, until the world comes around to our point of view, sometimes it may be necessary for you chicks out there to make people think that you have bigger boobies than you, in point of fact, actually have.  Surgery is expensive, and rather permanent.  You can get those silicone things from Victoria's Secret, but they have this annoying tendency to shift at the most inopportune moments.

Or, you could take our pills.  Sure, since they're placebos they likely won't do anything to make your breast any bigger, but the truth is you don't need that -- they're beautiful the way they are and anyone who says otherwise should have their back up against the wall come the next revolution -- and instead what you need is a little confidence.  Our pills don't provide that either, but they do look rather fetching there in your medicine cabinet and would be a great way to startle anyone who goes snooping around in your bathroom.

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