Your privacy is important to us, and we pledge that we will not sell or divulge your information to any other companies or countries without a valid warrant signed by a real judge.  We use SSL to protect your credit card information as you enter it into our website, and we don’t save this information once we’ve passed it along to the company we utilize to submit the charge to your credit card company.  While we do retain your name and email address in order to send your order information and to send you the actual product, we don’t use this information for any other purpose (including sending you other email promoting our products).

That said, we use a hosting provider, and it is possible that someone there could be stealing your data from both us and you.  To the extent possible we have tried to limit this, and if it is discovered that this seems to be happening we will cooperate with and try to drive any investigation into this crime.

If you have concerns about this, feel free to contact us at  If you’ve ordered from us and would like us to wipe out whatever information we may still have about your order just drop us an email.

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