For Women


Admittedly, this is somewhat of a niche product, but if your name is Brittney, Paris, or Lindsey, odds are you have a hard time remembering to put on underwear before a night out on the town. Sure, you could hire an assistant whose sole job was to say “Hey — you got knickers on?” before you head out for an evening of drinking, dancing, and regular-people-snubbing. But, why spend all that money when instead you can spend $995 ( yes, that’s almost a grand, but you’re either a rich socialite or a rich musician/movie star, or you wouldn’t need have this problem in the first place ) and maybe help solve this problem.

Odds are this product won’t actually help. We know of no medical reason that a placebo would aid in remembering to don appropriate groin coverings, but the mind is a wonderful thing and the placebo effect is quite underestimated.

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